The Team


Chris Van Hees is the mastermind behind V.H. Construction Inc.  He loves to learn everything about everything.  Though he holds a BA in International Business from Aquinas College, he has 25+ years in the building industry and loves (and prefers) to be on the job site working together with subs and his employees.  Chris has unique foresight to troubleshoot problems that might lie ahead because of his knowledge and understanding of the trades.  He continues to educate himself in his industry along with keeping up with the latest codes.  


Traci Van Hees works behind the scenes being in contact with clients and is the voice you hear over the phone.  Along with overseeing administrative, she wears many caps:  secretary, accountant, payroll, HR, marketing, photographer and etc...   She holds an Associates Degree from GRCC.  She has been at her husband's side from the beginning encouraging, helping and supporting him.

The Guys

  Cris A. and Pat have been with V.H. Construction Inc. for several years. They each bring unique gifts to V.H. Construction. 

Cris A. brings 18 years experience in both Plumbing and HVAC and is soon to obtain his license in both areas.  Along with this, he too educates himself in knowing the ends and outs of the building industry. 

Pat, a former Marine, specializes in finishing and brings 20+ years experience in the building industry as well. 

Cris and Pat are highly valued.