Brady bunch in parade of homes 2014

Excerpt from Parade of Homes Official Guide:

...Chris Van Hees formed his own construction company, V.H. Construction Inc., in 2003.  A well-kept Grand Rapids secret, Van Hees has established his own market niche as a multi-talented builder and master craftsman.

Bearing resemblance to one of pop culture's most recognized homes, Kauffman and Van Hees have combined their unique gifts of vision and craftsmanship to reinvent the local Brady Bunch home with a modern architectural twist.  Featuring a foyer fashioned with wrought iron stairs, an office with a beautiful view and master bath with adjoining walk-in closet, this modern adaptation of the Brady clan's dwelling place is an eclectic addition to Grand Rapids' Parade of Homes.

On behalf of REINVENT and V.H. Construction Inc., we warmly welcome you to the unveiling of our first collaboration.  

hba's Awards of Excellence

V.H. Construction Inc. was awarded HBA's Full Home Renovation


         The renovation of Brady Bunch was V.H. Construction's grand entrance into the public eye through HBA's Parade of Homes.  It was a great experience for the V.H. team and all who were involved.  Since then it has spurred on a number of endeavors for V.H. in transforming homes.